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Concept Chromatium
Academic Article Near-infrared magnetic circular dichroism of cytochrome c'.
Academic Article Hematin compounds in photosynthetic bacteria.
Academic Article The amino acid composition of the soluble chromatium haem proteins.
Academic Article On the prosthetic group of an RHP-type haem protein from Chromatium.
Academic Article Photophosphorylation by subcellular particles from Chromatium.
Academic Article Chromatium cytochrome.
Academic Article Isolation and properties of two soluble heme proteins in extracts of the photoanaerobe Chromatium.
Academic Article The amino acid sequence of cytochrome c' from the purple sulphur bacterium Chromatium vinosum.
Academic Article Light-induced electron transport in Chromatium strain D. I. Isolation and characterization of Chromatium chromatophores.
Academic Article Light-induced electron transport in Chromatium strain D. II. Light-induced absorbance changes in Chromatium chromatophores.
Academic Article Iron-containing proteins in Chromatium. II. Purification and properties of cholate-solubilized cytochrome complex.
Academic Article Kinetic analysis of the reaction of cytochrome cc' with carbon monoxide.
Academic Article Sulfite reductase activity in extracts of various photosynthetic bacteria.
Academic Article Thermal stabilities of membrane-bound, solubilized, and artificially immobilized hydrogenase from Chromatium vinosum.
Academic Article Magnetic and optical properties of some bacterial haem proteins.
Academic Article Observations on light-induced oxidation reactions in the electron transport system of Chromatium.
Academic Article The primary structure of Chromatium high-potential iron-sulfur protein.
Academic Article Chromatium hydrogenase.
Academic Article Light-induced electron transefer in Chromatium strain D. 3. Photophosphorylation by Chromatium chromatophores.
Academic Article Variable cellular composition of Chromatium in browing cultures.
Academic Article Bacterial cytochromes. II. Functional aspects.
Academic Article Primary structures of high potential, four-iron-sulfur ferredoxins from the pruple sulfur photosynthetic bacteria, Thiocapsa roseopersicina and chromatium gracile.
Academic Article Trace metal composition of photosynthetic bacteria.
Academic Article Enzymatic activities affecting cytochromes in photosynthetic bacteria.
Academic Article On the monohene character of cytochromes c'.
Academic Article Iron-containing proteins in Chromatium. I. Solubilization of membrane-bound cytochrome.
Academic Article Redox properties of the "P-836" pigment complex of Chromatium.

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