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Concept Adenoviridae
Concept Adenoviruses, Human
Concept Adenoviridae Infections
Concept Adenovirus E1A Proteins
Concept Adenovirus E3 Proteins
Academic Article HCAR and MCAR: the human and mouse cellular receptors for subgroup C adenoviruses and group B coxsackieviruses.
Academic Article Expression of the adenovirus receptor and its interaction with the fiber knob.
Academic Article A DRB (5,6 dichloro-beta-D-ribofuranosylbenzimidazole)-resistant adenovirus mRNA.
Academic Article RNA synthesis and processing in adenovirus-infected cells.
Academic Article Initiation of transcription in nuclei isolated from adenovirus infected cells.
Academic Article Identification of the in vitro translation products of adenovirus mRNA by immunoprecipitation.
Academic Article An acetylated N-terminus of adenovirus type 2 hexon protein.
Academic Article High expression of functional adenovirus DNA polymerase and precursor terminal protein using recombinant vaccinia virus.
Academic Article Structure of three spliced mRNAs from region E3 of adenovirus type 2.
Academic Article Two initiation sites for adenovirus 5.5S RNA.
Academic Article Detection of a cellular polypeptide associated with adenovirus-coded VA RNA using in vitro labeling of proteins cross-linked to RNA.
Academic Article Non-random localization of ribonucleoprotein (RNP) structures within an adenovirus mRNA precursor.
Academic Article Parental adenovirus DNA accumulates in nucleosome-like structures in infected cells.
Academic Article The conformation of adenovirus VAI-RNA in solution.
Academic Article Sequence dependent interaction of hnRNP proteins with late adenoviral transcripts.
Academic Article Control of adenovirus early gene expression: posttranscriptional control mediated by both viral and cellular gene products.
Academic Article Hybridization maps of early and late messenger RNA sequences on the adenovirus type 2 genome.
Academic Article Kinetic studies on the cleavage of adenovirus DNA by restriction endonuclease Eco RI.
Academic Article Molecular association between transplantation antigens and cell surface antigen in adenovirus-transformed cell line.
Academic Article Purification and characterization of an early glycoprotein from adenovirus type 2-infected cells.
Academic Article Purification of adenovirus messenger ribonucleic acid by an aqueous polymer two-phase system.
Academic Article Molecular biology of adenoviruses.
Academic Article Purification and characterization of an early protein (E14K) from adenovirus type 2-infected cells.
Academic Article Adenovirus gene expression-a model for mammalian cells.
Academic Article Assembly intermediates among adenovirus type 5 temperature-sensitive mutants.
Academic Article A new species of virus-coded low molecular weight RNA from cells infected with adenovirus type 2.
Academic Article Unrelated animal viruses share receptors.
Academic Article Excision and recombination of adenovirus DNA fragments in Escherichia coli.
Academic Article Purification of RNA-DNA hybrids by exclusion chromatography.
Academic Article Processing of adenovirus specific nuclear RNA during virus replication.
Academic Article Addition of polyadenylate sequences to virus-specific RNA during adenovirus replication.
Academic Article Transcription and processing of viral messenger RNA in mammalian cells.
Academic Article Further characterization of the phosphate moiety of the adenovirus type 2 DNA-binding protein.
Academic Article Protein composition of adenovirus nucleoprotein complexes extracted from infected cells.
Academic Article The adenovirus hexon protein. The primary structure of the polypeptide and its correlation with the hexon gene.
Academic Article Control of adenovirus gene expression: cellular gene products restrict expression of adenovirus host range mutants in nonpermissive cells.
Academic Article Synthesis and genomic site for an adenovirus type 2 early glycoprotein.
Academic Article Leader arrangement in the adenovirus fiber mRNA.
Academic Article Early events of virus-cell interaction in an adenovirus system.
Academic Article Isolation and characterization of adenovirus messenger ribonucleic acid in productive infection.
Academic Article An adenovirus glycoprotein binds heavy chains of class I transplantation antigens from man and mouse.
Academic Article Order of the CNBr fragments in the adenovirus hexon protein.
Academic Article Control of adenovirus early gene expression: accumulation of viral mRNA after infection of transformed cells.
Academic Article Mechanism of the arginine requirement for adenovirus synthesis. I. Synthesis of structural proteins.
Academic Article Human urinary bladder carcinomas express adenovirus attachment and internalization receptors.
Academic Article The coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor.
Academic Article Synthesis of complementary RNA sequences during productive adenovirus infection.
Academic Article A mouse model for adenovirus gene delivery.
Academic Article Purification and characterization of the phosphorylated DNA-binding protein from adenovirus-type-2-infected cells.
Academic Article Viral DNA sequences and gene products in hamster cells transformed by adenovirus type 2.
Academic Article Reassociation of complementary strand-specific adenovirus type 2 DNA with viral DNA sequences of transformed cells.
Academic Article Adenovirus early gene products may control viral mRNA accumulation and translation in vivo.
Academic Article Adenovirus--an eternal archetype.
Academic Article Intracellular forms of Adenovirus DNA. II. Isolation in dye-buoyant density gradients of a DNA-RNA complex from KB cells infected with Adenovirus type 2.
Academic Article Regulation of adenovirus gene expression.
Academic Article Structural proteins of adenoviruses. XII. Location and neighbor relationship among proteins of adenovirion type 2 as revealed by enzymatic iodination, immunoprecipitation and chemical cross-linking.

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