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Concept Potassium Channels
Concept Potassium Channel Blockers
Concept Potassium Channels, Inwardly Rectifying
Concept Delayed Rectifier Potassium Channels
Concept Kv1.2 Potassium Channel
Concept G Protein-Coupled Inwardly-Rectifying Potassium Channels
Concept Potassium Channels, Voltage-Gated
Concept Potassium Channels, Calcium-Activated
Concept Small-Conductance Calcium-Activated Potassium Channels
Concept Intermediate-Conductance Calcium-Activated Potassium Channels
Concept Kv1.5 Potassium Channel
Concept Shab Potassium Channels
Academic Article Assignment of human potassium channel gene KCNA4 (Kv1.4, PCN2) to chromosome 11q13.4-->q14.1.
Academic Article N-type inactivation in the mammalian Shaker K+ channel Kv1.4.
Academic Article K+ channels: generating excitement in pancreatic beta-cells.
Academic Article Expression and function of pancreatic beta-cell delayed rectifier K+ channels. Role in stimulus-secretion coupling.
Academic Article Regulation of K+ and Ca++ channels by a family of neuropeptide Y receptors.
Academic Article Defective pancreatic beta-cell glycolytic signaling in hepatocyte nuclear factor-1alpha-deficient mice.
Academic Article Beta-cell ion channels: keys to endodermal excitability.
Academic Article Modeling of Ca2+ flux in pancreatic beta-cells: role of the plasma membrane and intracellular stores.
Academic Article Sequence and functional expression in Xenopus oocytes of a human insulinoma and islet potassium channel.
Academic Article Small-conductance calcium-activated K+ channels are expressed in pancreatic islets and regulate glucose responses.
Academic Article Kv2.1 ablation alters glucose-induced islet electrical activity, enhancing insulin secretion.
Academic Article Insulin gene mutations as a cause of permanent neonatal diabetes.
Academic Article Sequence of a human fetal skeletal muscle potassium channel cDNA related to RCK4.
Academic Article Diagnosis and treatment of neonatal diabetes: a United States experience.
Academic Article A model of action potentials and fast Ca2+ dynamics in pancreatic beta-cells.
Academic Article Action potentials and insulin secretion: new insights into the role of Kv channels.
Academic Article Neonatal diabetes: an expanding list of genes allows for improved diagnosis and treatment.
Academic Article Adenine nucleotide regulation in pancreatic beta-cells: modeling of ATP/ADP-Ca2+ interactions.
Academic Article Functional expression of an epitope-tagged G protein-coupled K+ channel (GIRK1).
Academic Article Delayed rectifier K+ channel overexpression in transgenic islets and beta-cells associated with impaired glucose responsiveness.
Academic Article Human G-protein-coupled inwardly rectifying potassium channel (GIRK1) gene (KCNJ3): localization to chromosome 2 and identification of a simple tandem repeat polymorphism.
Academic Article ATP-sensitive K+ channels: paradigm lost, paradigm regained.
Academic Article Localization of the Kv1.5 K+ channel protein in explanted cardiac tissue.
Academic Article Mechanism of clofilium block of the human Kv1.5 delayed rectifier potassium channel.
Academic Article Functional and biochemical characterization of the human potassium channel Kv1.5 with a transplanted carboxyl-terminal epitope in stable mammalian cell lines.
Academic Article Pas de deux or more: the sulfonylurea receptor and K+ channels.
Academic Article kappa-Opioid receptor activates an inwardly rectifying K+ channel by a G protein-linked mechanism: coexpression in Xenopus oocytes.
Academic Article Dependence on NADH produced during glycolysis for beta-cell glucose signaling.
Academic Article Alternative splicing of human inwardly rectifying K+ channel ROMK1 mRNA.
Academic Article Single particle image reconstruction of the human recombinant Kv2.1 channel.
Academic Article Calcium-activated and voltage-gated potassium channels of the pancreatic islet impart distinct and complementary roles during secretagogue induced electrical responses.
Academic Article 5-amino-imidazole carboxamide riboside acutely potentiates glucose-stimulated insulin secretion from mouse pancreatic islets by KATP channel-dependent and -independent pathways.
Academic Article Delayed-rectifier (KV2.1) regulation of pancreatic beta-cell calcium responses to glucose: inhibitor specificity and modeling.
Academic Article Modulation of the pancreatic islet beta-cell-delayed rectifier potassium channel Kv2.1 by the polyunsaturated fatty acid arachidonate.
Academic Article Glucose homeostasis, insulin secretion, and islet phospholipids in mice that overexpress iPLA2beta in pancreatic beta-cells and in iPLA2beta-null mice.
Academic Article Tooth discoloration in patients with neonatal diabetes after transfer onto glibenclamide: a previously unreported side effect.
Academic Article Bursting and calcium oscillations in pancreatic beta-cells: specific pacemakers for specific mechanisms.
Academic Article A computational systems analysis of factors regulating a cell glucagon secretion.
Academic Article Sulfonylurea treatment before genetic testing in neonatal diabetes: pros and cons.
Academic Article Update on diabetes classification.
Academic Article Age at the time of sulfonylurea initiation influences treatment outcomes in KCNJ11-related neonatal diabetes.
Academic Article Patients with KCNJ11-related diabetes frequently have neuropsychological impairments compared with sibling controls.
Academic Article Preservation of Reduced Numbers of Insulin-Positive Cells in Sulfonylurea-Unresponsive KCNJ11-Related Diabetes.
Academic Article Simultaneous Real-Time Measurement of the ß-Cell Membrane Potential and Ca2+ Influx to Assess the Role of Potassium Channels on ß-Cell Function.
Academic Article Pancreatic Histopathology of Human Monogenic Diabetes Due to Causal Variants in KCNJ11, HNF1A, GATA6, and LMNA.
Academic Article Developmental defects and impaired network excitability in a cerebral organoid model of KCNJ11 p.V59M-related neonatal diabetes.
Academic Article A loss-of-function mutation in KCNJ11 causing sulfonylurea-sensitive diabetes in early adult life.
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