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Concept Epilepsy, Temporal Lobe
Concept Temporal Lobe
Academic Article Differential gene expression in human cerebrovascular malformations.
Academic Article Delayed facial nerve palsy after temporal lobectomy for epilepsy: report of four cases and discussion of possible mechanisms.
Academic Article Second operation after the failure of previous resection for epilepsy.
Academic Article Extent of mesiobasal resection determines outcome after temporal lobectomy for intractable complex partial seizures.
Academic Article Extent of resection in temporal lobectomy for epilepsy. I. Interobserver analysis and correlation with seizure outcome.
Academic Article Natural history of recurrent seizures after resective surgery for epilepsy.
Academic Article Intracarotid amobarbital procedure: I. Prediction of decreased modality-specific memory scores after temporal lobectomy.
Academic Article Intractable epilepsy and structural lesions of the brain: mapping, resection strategies, and seizure outcome.
Academic Article Intractable complex partial seizures associated with occult temporal lobe encephalocele and meningoangiomatosis: a case report.
Academic Article Comparison and spacial correlation of interictal HMPAO-SPECT and FDG-PET in intractable temporal lobe epilepsy.
Academic Article Intracarotid amobarbital procedure as a predictor of material-specific memory change after anterior temporal lobectomy.
Academic Article MRI-guided stereotactic placement of depth electrodes in temporal lobe epilepsy.
Academic Article Subdural electrodes in the presurgical evaluation for surgery of epilepsy.
Academic Article Differences of in vitro electrophysiology of hippocampal neurons from epileptic patients with mesiotemporal sclerosis versus structural lesions.
Academic Article Prediction of cognitive change as a function of preoperative ability status among temporal lobectomy patients seen at 6-month follow-up.
Academic Article Extent of resection in temporal lobectomy for epilepsy. II. Memory changes and neurologic complications.
Academic Article Stereotactic laser interstitial thermal therapy for epilepsy associated with solitary and multiple cerebral cavernous malformations.
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