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Concept Organ Culture Techniques
Concept Culture Media, Conditioned
Academic Article Effects of all-trans retinoic acid and Ca++ on human skin in organ culture.
Academic Article Laminin alpha1 chain synthesis in the mouse developing lung: requirement for epithelial-mesenchymal contact and possible role in bronchial smooth muscle development.
Academic Article Laminin and heparan sulfate proteoglycan mediate epithelial cell polarization in organotypic cultures of embryonic lung cells: evidence implicating involvement of the inner globular region of laminin beta 1 chain and the heparan sulfate groups of heparan sulfate proteoglycan.
Academic Article Characteristics of nonmalignant and malignant human prostate in organ culture.
Academic Article Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein-H plays a suppressive role in visceral myogenesis.
Academic Article Stretch-induced alternative splicing of serum response factor promotes bronchial myogenesis and is defective in lung hypoplasia.
Academic Article Anti-DNA antibodies cross-reacting with laminin inhibit trophoblast attachment and migration: implications for recurrent pregnancy loss in SLE patients.
Academic Article Identification of laminin domains involved in branching morphogenesis: effects of anti-laminin monoclonal antibodies on mouse embryonic lung development.
Academic Article Laminin in lung development: effects of anti-laminin antibody in murine lung morphogenesis.
Academic Article Organotypic arrangement of mouse embryonic lung cells on a basement membrane extract: involvement of laminin.
Academic Article Embryonic mesenchymal cells share the potential for smooth muscle differentiation: myogenesis is controlled by the cell's shape.
Academic Article The effect of combined pulsed wave low-level laser therapy and mesenchymal stem cell-conditioned medium on the healing of an infected wound with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcal aureus in diabetic rats.
Grant Role of P311 in the development of skin hypertrophic scars
Grant Pathogenesis of Lymphangioleiomyomatosis
Grant P311 in Pulmonary Repair
Grant TIPs in Lung Myogenesis
Grant Laminin Domains Involved in Lung Development
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