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Concept Education, Medical, Undergraduate
Concept Education, Medical
Concept Education, Medical, Graduate
Academic Article Journal watch from ACE (Alliance for Clinical Education): annual review of medical education articles in internal medicine journals, 2012-2013.
Academic Article A Curriculum to Enhance Resilience in Internal Medicine Interns.
Academic Article Medical student resilience and stressful clinical events during clinical training.
Academic Article Avoiding Pitfalls While Implementing New Guidelines on Student Documentation.
Academic Article A National Survey of Undergraduate Clinical Education in Internal Medicine.
Academic Article Early Adoption of the CMS Rule Change for Medical Student Documentation.
Academic Article Time for Clinic: Fourth-Year Primary Care Exposure and Clinic Preparedness Among Internal Medicine Interns.
Academic Article Grade Appeals in the Internal Medicine Clerkship: A National Survey and Recommendations for Improvement.
Academic Article Aiming for Equity in Clerkship Grading: Recommendations for Reducing the Effects of Structural and Individual Bias.
Academic Article Innovation and Missed Opportunities in Internal Medicine Undergraduate Education During COVID-19: Results from a National Survey.
Academic Article The Impact of Internal Medicine Clerkship Characteristics and NBME Subject Exams on USMLE Step 2 Clinical Knowledge Exam Performance.
Academic Article Reviewing Internal Medicine Clerkship Grading Through a Proequity Lens: Results of a National Survey.
Academic Article AAIM Recommendations for Undergraduate Medical Education to Graduate Medical Education Transition Curricula in Internal Medicine.
Academic Article Evaluation of an Individualized Learning Plan Template for the Transition to Residency.
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