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Academic Article Structural characterization of a subtype-selective ligand reveals a novel mode of estrogen receptor antagonism.
Academic Article Nuclear receptor ligands and cofactor recruitment: is there a coactivator "on deck"?
Academic Article NFkappaB selectivity of estrogen receptor ligands revealed by comparative crystallographic analyses.
Academic Article Identification of ligands with bicyclic scaffolds provides insights into mechanisms of estrogen receptor subtype selectivity.
Academic Article Allosteric control of ligand selectivity between estrogen receptors alpha and beta: implications for other nuclear receptors.
Academic Article Identification of cysteine 530 as the covalent attachment site of an affinity-labeling estrogen (ketononestrol aziridine) and antiestrogen (tamoxifen aziridine) in the human estrogen receptor.
Academic Article The structural basis of estrogen receptor/coactivator recognition and the antagonism of this interaction by tamoxifen.
Academic Article Estrogen response elements function as allosteric modulators of estrogen receptor conformation.
Academic Article Molecular characterization by mass spectrometry of the human estrogen receptor ligand-binding domain expressed in Escherichia coli.
Academic Article Mapping ERß genomic binding sites reveals unique genomic features and identifies EBF1 as an ERß interactor.
Academic Article Cross-talk between the ligand- and DNA-binding domains of estrogen receptor.
Academic Article Analysis of the structural core of the human estrogen receptor ligand binding domain by selective proteolysis/mass spectrometric analysis.
Academic Article Estrogen receptor pathways to AP-1.
Academic Article Estrogen receptor affinity and location of consensus and imperfect estrogen response elements influence transcription activation of simplified promoters.
Academic Article The limits of the cellular capacity to mediate an estrogen response.
Academic Article Interaction of [3H] estradiol - and [3H] monohydroxytamoxifen-estrogen receptor complexes with a monoclonal antibody.
Academic Article Molecular basis of agonism and antagonism in the oestrogen receptor.
Academic Article Immunochemical studies of estrogen receptors.
Academic Article Estrogen receptors in human prostate: evidence for multiple binding sites.
Academic Article Genomic agonism and phenotypic antagonism between estrogen and progesterone receptors in breast cancer.
Academic Article Capture of associated targets on chromatin links long-distance chromatin looping to transcriptional coordination.
Academic Article A "cross-stitched" peptide with improved helicity and proteolytic stability.
Academic Article Antagonists for Constitutively Active Mutant Estrogen Receptors: Insights into the Roles of Antiestrogen-Core and Side-Chain.
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