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Concept Hospitals, Public
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Concept Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Hospital
Concept Hospitals
Concept Hospitals, Religious
Concept Hospital Mortality
Academic Article Religious hospitals and primary care physicians: conflicts over policies for patient care.
Academic Article Obstetrician-gynecologists, religious institutions, and conflicts regarding patient-care policies.
Academic Article Socioeconomic disparities in ectopic pregnancy: predictors of adverse outcomes from Illinois hospital-based care, 2000-2006.
Academic Article Tubal ligation in Catholic hospitals: a qualitative study of ob-gyns' experiences.
Academic Article The Research Consortium on Religious Healthcare Institutions: studying the impact of religious restrictions on women's reproductive health.
Academic Article Referrals for Services Prohibited In Catholic Health Care Facilities.
Academic Article Do women know whether their hospital is Catholic? Results from a national survey.
Academic Article Religious hospital policies on reproductive care: what do patients want to know?
Academic Article Family planning service provision in Illinois religious hospitals: Racial/ethnic variation in access to non-religious hospitals for publicly insured women.
Academic Article Women's Expectation of Receiving Reproductive Health Care at Catholic and Non-Catholic Hospitals.
Academic Article "Am I Going to Be in Trouble for What I'm Doing?": Providing Contraceptive Care in Religious Health Care Systems.
Academic Article Patient Views on Religious Institutional Health Care.
Academic Article "My Hands Are Tied": Abortion Restrictions and Providers' Experiences in Religious and Nonreligious Health Care Systems.
Academic Article Restrictions on Reproductive Care at Catholic Hospitals: A Qualitative Study of Patient Experiences and Perspectives.
Academic Article Patient perceptions of healthcare differences within Catholic facilities.
Academic Article Anticipatory Counseling About Miscarriage Management in Catholic Hospitals: A Qualitative Exploration of Women's Preferences.
Academic Article Choosing a hospital for obstetric, gynecologic, or reproductive healthcare: what matters most to patients?
Academic Article Denial of tubal ligation in religious hospitals: Consumer attitudes when insurance limits hospital choice.
Academic Article What you don't know can hurt you: Patient and provider perspectives on postpartum contraceptive care in Illinois Catholic Hospitals.
Academic Article Short-interval pregnancy in the Illinois Medicaid population following delivery in Catholic vs non-Catholic hospitals.
Grant Preconception Care and Severe Maternal Morbidity among Women with Medicaid
Academic Article Racial and ethnic disparities in short interval pregnancy following delivery in Catholic vs non-Catholic hospitals among California Medicaid enrollees.
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