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Academic Article A novel regulatory mechanism for trimeric GTP-binding proteins in the membrane and secretory granule fractions of human and rodent beta cells.
Academic Article Specific co-ordinated regulation of PC3 and PC2 gene expression with that of preproinsulin in insulin-producing beta TC3 cells.
Academic Article A distinct difference in the metabolic stimulus-response coupling pathways for regulating proinsulin biosynthesis and insulin secretion that lies at the level of a requirement for fatty acyl moieties.
Academic Article Stimulation of pancreatic beta-cell proliferation by growth hormone is glucose-dependent: signal transduction via janus kinase 2 (JAK2)/signal transducer and activator of transcription 5 (STAT5) with no crosstalk to insulin receptor substrate-mediated mitogenic signalling.
Academic Article Syncollin inhibits regulated corticotropin secretion from AtT-20 cells through a reduction in the secretory vesicle population.
Academic Article Actin and non-muscle myosin II facilitate apical exocytosis of tear proteins in rabbit lacrimal acinar epithelial cells.
Academic Article A Kex2-related endopeptidase activity present in rat liver specifically processes the insulin proreceptor.
Academic Article Solar energy: principles and possibilities.
Academic Article Can solar fuels avert an imminent petroleum fuel crisis?
Academic Article The 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference: COP21.
Academic Article Unpaired electrons as probes of catalytic systems.
Academic Article Muonium--the second radioisotope of hydrogen: a remarkable and unique radiotracer in the chemical, materials, biological and environmental sciences.
Academic Article The price of oil.
Academic Article Muon tomography: looking inside dangerous places.
Academic Article Applications of bioremediation and phytoremediation.
Academic Article Feeding and healing the world: through regenerative agriculture and permaculture.
Academic Article Carbon capture and storage.
Academic Article Current commentary: thorium-based nuclear power.
Academic Article Eating small: applications and implications for nano-technology in agriculture and the food industry.
Academic Article The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident.
Academic Article Current commentary: Can free radicals be good for you?
Academic Article Ionic liquids and green futures.
Academic Article Novel catalysts for water splitting and green chemistry applications.
Academic Article Oil from algae; salvation from peak oil?
Academic Article Permaculture: regenerative--not merely sustainable.
Academic Article Soil erosion, climate change and global food security: challenges and strategies.
Academic Article Properties and applications of zeolites.
Academic Article The Diamond Light Source.
Academic Article Biochar, and its potential contribution to improving soil quality and carbon capture.
Academic Article Peak phosphorus - peak food? The need to close the phosphorus cycle.
Academic Article Electron spin resonance. Part one: a diagnostic method in the biomedical sciences.
Academic Article "Vibrational bonding": a new type of chemical bond is discovered.
Academic Article The oil question: nature and prognosis.
Academic Article Perovskites and their potential use in solar energy applications.
Academic Article Energy from nuclear fusion--realities, prospects and fantasies?
Academic Article Sustainable nanotechnology.
Academic Article Fossil fuel use is limited by climate, if not by resources, and "peak soil"..
Academic Article Shortage of resources for renewable energy and food production.
Academic Article Electron spin resonance. Part two: a diagnostic method in the environmental sciences.
Academic Article Large Hadron Collider (LHC).
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