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Concept Genes, Immunoglobulin
Concept Immunoglobulin M
Concept Immunoglobulin Constant Regions
Concept Immunoglobulin A
Concept Immunoglobulin Allotypes
Concept Immunoglobulin Fragments
Concept Immunoglobulin Heavy Chains
Concept Immunoglobulin Idiotypes
Concept Immunoglobulin gamma-Chains
Concept Immunoglobulin J-Chains
Concept Immunoglobulin Isotypes
Concept Immunoglobulin Switch Region
Concept Immunoglobulin Variable Region
Concept Immunoglobulin G
Concept Immunoglobulin Joining Region
Concept Immunoglobulin D
Concept Immunoglobulin alpha-Chains
Concept Immunoglobulin lambda-Chains
Concept Immunoglobulin mu-Chains
Concept Immunoglobulin Class Switching
Concept Somatic Hypermutation, Immunoglobulin
Concept Immunoglobulin Subunits
Concept Immunoglobulin kappa-Chains
Concept Immunoglobulin Light Chains
Concept Genes, Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain
Academic Article Residues that mediate DNA binding of autoimmune antibodies.
Academic Article Receptor editing: an approach by autoreactive B cells to escape tolerance.
Academic Article Editing disease-associated autoantibodies.
Academic Article A Shannon entropy analysis of immunoglobulin and T cell receptor.
Academic Article Immunoglobulin heavy chain gene replacement: a mechanism of receptor editing.
Academic Article Clone: a Monte-Carlo computer simulation of B cell clonal expansion, somatic mutation, and antigen-driven selection.
Academic Article Revising B cell receptors.
Academic Article Chronic graft-versus-host in Ig knockin transgenic mice abrogates B cell tolerance in anti-double-stranded DNA B cells.
Academic Article Autoreactive B cells in the marginal zone that express dual receptors.
Academic Article Structural basis for autoantibody recognition of phosphatidylserine-beta 2 glycoprotein I and apoptotic cells.
Academic Article Regulation of anti-phosphatidylserine antibodies.
Academic Article Analysis of B cell receptor production and rearrangement. Part I. Light chain rearrangement.
Academic Article Expression of anti-DNA immunoglobulin transgenes in non-autoimmune mice.
Academic Article Influence of a V kappa 8 L chain transgene on endogenous rearrangements and the immune response to the HA(Sb) determinant on influenza virus.
Academic Article Anti-DNA B cells in MRL/lpr mice show altered differentiation and editing pattern.
Academic Article Editors and editing of anti-DNA receptors.
Academic Article Secondary heavy chain rearrangement: a mechanism for generating anti-double-stranded DNA B cells.
Academic Article Ig H and L chain contributions to autoimmune specificities.
Academic Article Development and selection of edited B cells in B6.56R mice.
Academic Article V region gene usage and somatic mutation in the primary and secondary responses to influenza virus hemagglutinin.
Academic Article Selection of anti-double-stranded DNA B cells in autoimmune MRL-lpr/lpr mice.
Academic Article Light chain editing generates polyreactive antibodies in chronic graft-versus-host reaction.
Academic Article Pillars article: generation of antibody diversity in the immune response of BALB/c mice to influenza virus hemagglutinin. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 81: 3180-3184, May 1984.
Academic Article Editing anti-DNA B cells by Vlambdax.
Academic Article Anti-DNA antibodies from autoimmune mice arise by clonal expansion and somatic mutation.
Academic Article In-silico cell surface modeling reveals mechanism for initial steps of B-cell receptor signal transduction.
Academic Article Heavy-chain class switch does not terminate somatic mutation.
Academic Article Consequences of receptor editing at the lambda locus: multireactivity and light chain secretion.
Academic Article Selection of individual VH genes occurs at the pro-B to pre-B cell transition.
Academic Article Interspersion of the VHQ52 and VH7183 gene families in the NFS/N mouse.
Academic Article Genetic polymorphism at the kappa chain locus in mice: comparisons of restriction enzyme hybridization fragments of variable and constant region genes.
Academic Article Genetic control of antibody variable regions.
Academic Article Structure and function of anti-DNA autoantibodies derived from a single autoimmune mouse.
Academic Article Alternative mechanisms of receptor editing in autoreactive B cells.
Academic Article The BALB/c secondary response to the Sb site of influenza virus hemagglutinin. Nonrandom silent mutation and unequal numbers of VH and Vk mutations.
Academic Article Recombination between an expressed immunoglobulin heavy-chain gene and a germline variable gene segment in a Ly 1+ B-cell lymphoma.
Academic Article Identification and nucleotide sequence of a diversity DNA segment (D) of immunoglobulin heavy-chain genes.
Academic Article Deletion and editing of B cells that express antibodies to DNA.
Academic Article Mouse immunoglobulin heavy chains are coded by multiple germ line variable region genes.
Academic Article Immunoglobulins with hapten-binding activity: structure-function correlations and genetic implications.
Academic Article Receptor editing: an approach by autoreactive B cells to escape tolerance. The Journal of Experimental Medicine. 1993. 177: 999-1008.
Academic Article Intra-Golgi formation of IgM-glycosaminoglycan complexes promotes Ig deposition.
Academic Article Genes for immunoglobulin heavy chain and serum prealbumin protein are linked in mouse.
Academic Article The role of clonal selection and somatic mutation in autoimmunity.
Academic Article Antibody gene linkage studies in (NZB X C58) recombinant-inbred lines.
Academic Article Inter- and intraclonal diversity in the antibody response to influenza hemagglutinin.
Academic Article How immunoglobulin V kappa genes rearrange.
Academic Article Consideration of the transgenic and other approaches to studying DNA antibodies and their idiotypes.
Academic Article Light chain editing in kappa-deficient animals: a potential mechanism of B cell tolerance.
Academic Article Variable region sequences of murine IgM anti-IgG monoclonal autoantibodies (rheumatoid factors). A structural explanation for the high frequency of IgM anti-IgG B cells.
Academic Article A complex translocation at the murine kappa light-chain locus.
Academic Article Rearrangement of genetic information may produce immunoglobulin diversity.
Academic Article Chromosomal locations of mouse immunoglobulin genes.
Academic Article Variable region sequences of murine IgM anti-IgG monoclonal autoantibodies (rheumatoid factors). II. Comparison of hybridomas derived by lipopolysaccharide stimulation and secondary protein immunization.
Academic Article Genetics of mouse antibodies. I. Linkage of the dextran response locus, VH-DEX, to allotype.
Academic Article Plasmacytomas of the NZB mouse.
Academic Article The structural basis of antigenic determinants on V kappa 21 light chains.
Academic Article Generation of antibody diversity in the immune response of BALB/c mice to influenza virus hemagglutinin.
Academic Article Aberrant rearrangements contribute significantly to the allelic exclusion of immunoglobulin gene expression.
Academic Article Reorganization and expression of immunoglobulin genes: status of allelic elements.
Academic Article Multiplicity of germline genes specifying a group of related mouse kappa chains with implications for the generation of immunoglobulin diversity.
Academic Article Transcription of the unrearranged mouse C kappa locus: sequence of the initiation region and comparison of activity with a rearranged V kappa-C kappa gene.
Academic Article Myeloma proteins from NZB and BALB/c mice: structural and functional differences.
Academic Article B cell receptor light chain repertoires show signs of selection with differences between groups of healthy individuals and SLE patients.
Academic Article Light chain replacement: a new model for antibody gene rearrangement.
Academic Article Constitutive secretion of transgene-encoded IgG2b autoantibodies leads to symptoms of autoimmune disease.
Academic Article The joining of V and J gene segments creates antibody diversity.
Academic Article An isotype switched and somatically mutated rheumatoid factor clone isolated from a MRL-lpr/lpr mouse exhibits limited intraclonal affinity maturation.
Academic Article Editing and escape from editing in anti-DNA B cells.
Academic Article Origins of anti-DNA antibodies and their implications for B-cell tolerance.
Academic Article Analysis of VH gene replacement events in a B cell lymphoma.
Academic Article B lymphocytes may escape tolerance by revising their antigen receptors.
Academic Article Transcription of mouse kappa chain genes: implications for allelic exclusion.
Academic Article Amplification of immunoglobulin lambda constant genes in populations of wild mice.
Academic Article Light chain contribution to specificity in anti-DNA antibodies.
Academic Article The site and stage of anti-DNA B-cell deletion.
Academic Article Lupus susceptibility genes may breach tolerance to DNA by impairing receptor editing of nuclear antigen-reactive B cells.
Academic Article Expression of kappa chains of the V kappa 21 group in Mus musculus and related species.
Academic Article Genetics of mouse antibodies. II. Recombination between VH genes and allotype.
Academic Article Aberrant rearrangement of the kappa light-chain locus involving the heavy-chain locus and chromosome 15 in a mouse plasmacytoma.
Academic Article Comparisons of myeloma proteins from NZB and BALB/c mice: structural and functional differences of heavy chains.
Academic Article DNA between variable and joining gene segments of immunoglobulin kappa light chain is frequently retained in cells that rearrange the kappa locus.
Academic Article The mechanism of autoantibody production in an autoimmune MRL/lpr mouse.
Academic Article A rheumatoid factor transgenic mouse model of autoantibody regulation.
Academic Article Is the hypothesis alive that IgM anti-IgG1 rheumatoid factor specificity is determined by framework regions?
Academic Article A search for hapten-binding mouse plasmacytoma proteins.
Academic Article Mouse lambda-chain sequences.
Academic Article The idiotypes of V kappa 21 light chains.
Academic Article Fixing mismatches.
Academic Article Antibodies that bind complex glycosaminoglycans accumulate in the Golgi.
Academic Article Selective pathogenicity of murine rheumatoid factors of the cryoprecipitable IgG3 subclass.
Academic Article Light chain editors of anti-DNA receptors in human B cells.
Academic Article Self-Antigen-Driven Thymic B Cell Class Switching Promotes T Cell Central Tolerance.
Academic Article Origins and specificity of auto-antibodies in Sm+ SLE patients.

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