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Academic Article Treatment of nasal inflammation decreases the ability of subjects with asthma to condition inspired air.
Academic Article Alpha-adrenoreceptor blockade with phenoxybenzamine does not affect the ability of the nose to condition air.
Academic Article Familial aggregation of nasal conditioning capacity.
Academic Article Effect of changing airway pressure on the ability of the human nose to warm and humidify air.
Academic Article Observations on the ability of the nose to warm and humidify inspired air.
Academic Article Fine particulate matter exposure and olfactory dysfunction among urban-dwelling older US adults.
Academic Article Nitrogen dioxide pollution exposure is associated with olfactory dysfunction in older U.S. adults.
Academic Article Effects of Ambient Air Pollution Exposure on Olfaction: A Review.
Academic Article Exposure to Particulate Matter Air Pollution and Anosmia.
Academic Article Long-Term Exposure to Particulate Matter Air Pollution and Chronic Rhinosinusitis in Nonallergic Patients.
Academic Article Particulate matter air pollution exposure disrupts the Nrf2 pathway in sinonasal epithelium via epigenetic alterations in a murine model.
Academic Article Association of air pollution with olfactory identification performance of São Paulo residents: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Association between ambient temperature and chronic rhinosinusitis.
Academic Article Air pollution exposure is associated with rhinitis in older US adults via specific immune mechanisms.
Academic Article Ambient Air Pollutants and Olfaction among Women 50-79 Years of Age from the Sister Study.
Academic Article Duration-sensitive association between air pollution exposure and changes in cardiometabolic biomarkers: Evidence from a predominantly African American cohort.
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