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Concept Cross-Sectional Studies
Academic Article Familial aggregation of nasal conditioning capacity.
Academic Article Otolaryngology (urban) legend: the more programs to which you apply, the better the chances of matching.
Academic Article Racial disparities in olfactory loss among older adults in the United States.
Academic Article The Rate of Age-Related Olfactory Decline Among the General Population of Older U.S. Adults.
Academic Article Fine particulate matter exposure and olfactory dysfunction among urban-dwelling older US adults.
Academic Article Sensory Dysfunction and Sexuality in the U.S. Population of Older Adults.
Academic Article Odor Sensitivity Versus Odor Identification in Older US Adults: Associations With Cognition, Age, Gender, and Race.
Academic Article Hearing Impairment and Loneliness in Older Adults in the United States.
Academic Article Olfactory Dysfunction Predicts the Development of Depression in Older US Adults.
Academic Article Olfaction Is Associated With Sexual Motivation and Satisfaction in Older Men and Women.
Academic Article Assessment of Self-reported Sense of Smell, Objective Testing, and Associated Factors in Middle-aged and Older Women.
Academic Article Rapid olfactory decline during aging predicts dementia and GMV loss in AD brain regions.
Academic Article Association of air pollution with olfactory identification performance of São Paulo residents: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Are rhinitis and Eustachian tube dysfunction associated in United States adolescents?
Academic Article Air pollution exposure is associated with rhinitis in older US adults via specific immune mechanisms.
Academic Article Sensory Health Among Older Adults in the United States: A Neighborhood Context Approach.
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