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Concept Antigens, Bacterial
Academic Article Crystallization and preliminary X-ray study of the edema factor exotoxin adenylyl cyclase domain from Bacillus anthracis in the presence of its activator, calmodulin.
Academic Article Selective inhibition of anthrax edema factor by adefovir, a drug for chronic hepatitis B virus infection.
Academic Article Anthrax edema toxin inhibits endothelial cell chemotaxis via Epac and Rap1.
Academic Article Bacillus anthracis edema toxin causes extensive tissue lesions and rapid lethality in mice.
Academic Article Protein-protein docking and analysis reveal that two homologous bacterial adenylyl cyclase toxins interact with calmodulin differently.
Academic Article Anthrax edema factor potency depends on mode of cell entry.
Academic Article An extended conformation of calmodulin induces interactions between the structural domains of adenylyl cyclase from Bacillus anthracis to promote catalysis.
Academic Article Structural basis for the activation of anthrax adenylyl cyclase exotoxin by calmodulin.
Academic Article Discovery of a small molecule that inhibits the interaction of anthrax edema factor with its cellular activator, calmodulin.
Academic Article Structure of anthrax edema factor-calmodulin-adenosine 5'-(alpha,beta-methylene)-triphosphate complex reveals an alternative mode of ATP binding to the catalytic site.
Academic Article Structural and kinetic analyses of the interaction of anthrax adenylyl cyclase toxin with reaction products cAMP and pyrophosphate.
Academic Article Chemical screening by mass spectrometry to identify inhibitors of anthrax lethal factor.
Academic Article Calcium-independent calmodulin binding and two-metal-ion catalytic mechanism of anthrax edema factor.
Academic Article The adenylyl cyclase activity of anthrax edema factor.
Academic Article Rapid Discovery and Characterization of Synthetic Neutralizing Antibodies against Anthrax Edema Toxin.
Academic Article Anthrax toxin-induced shock in rats is associated with pulmonary edema and hemorrhage.
Academic Article Distinct interactions of 2'- and 3'-O-(N-methyl)anthraniloyl-isomers of ATP and GTP with the adenylyl cyclase toxin of Bacillus anthracis, edema factor.
Academic Article Anthrax toxins induce shock in rats by depressed cardiac ventricular function.
Academic Article Anthrax edema toxin sensitizes DBA/2J mice to lethal toxin.
Academic Article Different Roles of N-Terminal and C-Terminal Domains in Calmodulin for Activation of Bacillus anthracis Edema Factor.
Academic Article Inhibition of the adenylyl cyclase toxin, edema factor, from Bacillus anthracis by a series of 18 mono- and bis-(M)ANT-substituted nucleoside 5'-triphosphates.
Academic Article Noninvasive imaging technologies reveal edema toxin as a key virulence factor in anthrax.
Academic Article Molecular analysis of the interaction of anthrax adenylyl cyclase toxin, edema factor, with 2'(3')-O-(N-(methyl)anthraniloyl)-substituted purine and pyrimidine nucleotides.
Academic Article Lethal and edema toxins of anthrax induce distinct hemodynamic dysfunction.
Academic Article Anthrax edema toxin cooperates with lethal toxin to impair cytokine secretion during infection of dendritic cells.
Academic Article Anthrax toxins suppress T lymphocyte activation by disrupting antigen receptor signaling.
Academic Article Calcium dependence of the interaction between calmodulin and anthrax edema factor.
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