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Academic Article Coupling interactions between voltage sensors of the sodium channel as revealed by site-specific measurements.
Academic Article Detecting rearrangements of shaker and NaChBac in real-time with fluorescence spectroscopy in patch-clamped mammalian cells.
Academic Article Extensive editing of mRNAs for the squid delayed rectifier K+ channel regulates subunit tetramerization.
Academic Article How membrane proteins sense voltage.
Academic Article Gating currents from Kv7 channels carrying neuronal hyperexcitability mutations in the voltage-sensing domain.
Academic Article Tuning the voltage-sensor motion with a single residue.
Academic Article In vivo measurement of intramolecular distances using genetically encoded reporters.
Academic Article Intermediate state trapping of a voltage sensor.
Academic Article Depolarization induces a conformational change in the binding site region of the M2 muscarinic receptor.
Academic Article Domain IV voltage-sensor movement is both sufficient and rate limiting for fast inactivation in sodium channels.
Academic Article Native chemical ligation at Asx-Cys, Glx-Cys: chemical synthesis and high-resolution X-ray structure of ShK toxin by racemic protein crystallography.
Academic Article Molecular bases for the asynchronous activation of sodium and potassium channels required for nerve impulse generation.
Academic Article S3-S4 linker length modulates the relaxed state of a voltage-gated potassium channel.
Academic Article A repulsion mechanism explains magnesium permeation and selectivity in CorA.
Academic Article Total chemical synthesis of biologically active fluorescent dye-labeled Ts1 toxin.
Academic Article Moving gating charges through the gating pore in a Kv channel voltage sensor.
Academic Article Resting state of the human proton channel dimer in a lipid bilayer.
Academic Article Elucidation of the Covalent and Tertiary Structures of Biologically Active Ts3 Toxin.
Academic Article Mechanism of functional interaction between potassium channel Kv1.3 and sodium channel NavBeta1 subunit.
Academic Article Nav channel binder containing a specific conjugation-site based on a low toxicity ß-scorpion toxin.

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