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Concept Patch-Clamp Techniques
Academic Article Tracking voltage-dependent conformational changes in skeletal muscle sodium channel during activation.
Academic Article A comparison of propagated action potentials from tropical and temperate squid axons: different durations and conduction velocities correlate with ionic conductance levels.
Academic Article Detecting rearrangements of shaker and NaChBac in real-time with fluorescence spectroscopy in patch-clamped mammalian cells.
Academic Article A hybrid approach to measuring electrical activity in genetically specified neurons.
Academic Article beta-Scorpion toxin modifies gating transitions in all four voltage sensors of the sodium channel.
Academic Article Optical detection of rate-determining ion-modulated conformational changes of the ether-à-go-go K+ channel voltage sensor.
Academic Article Silicon chip-based patch-clamp electrodes integrated with PDMS microfluidics.
Academic Article The contribution of individual subunits to the coupling of the voltage sensor to pore opening in Shaker K channels: effect of ILT mutations in heterotetramers.
Academic Article Ion channels: from conductance to structure.
Academic Article Probing a-3(10) transitions in a voltage-sensing S4 helix.
Academic Article Molecular bases for the asynchronous activation of sodium and potassium channels required for nerve impulse generation.
Academic Article A repulsion mechanism explains magnesium permeation and selectivity in CorA.
Academic Article Moving gating charges through the gating pore in a Kv channel voltage sensor.
Academic Article Mechanism of potassium ion uptake by the Na(+)/K(+)-ATPase.
Academic Article Kv3.1 uses a timely resurgent K(+) current to secure action potential repolarization.
Academic Article A Novel Voltage Sensor in the Orthosteric Binding Site of the M2 Muscarinic Receptor.
Academic Article Mapping of voltage sensor positions in resting and inactivated mammalian sodium channels by LRET.
Academic Article Mechanism of functional interaction between potassium channel Kv1.3 and sodium channel NavBeta1 subunit.
Academic Article Demonstration of ion channel synthesis by isolated squid giant axon provides functional evidence for localized axonal membrane protein translation.
Academic Article Gating currents.
Academic Article Nav channel binder containing a specific conjugation-site based on a low toxicity ß-scorpion toxin.
Academic Article Methodological improvements for fluorescence recordings in Xenopus laevis oocytes.
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