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Concept Protein Conformation
Academic Article Tracking voltage-dependent conformational changes in skeletal muscle sodium channel during activation.
Academic Article A physical model of potassium channel activation: from energy landscape to gating kinetics.
Academic Article Structural biology. Force and voltage sensors in one structure.
Academic Article Voltage sensor movements.
Academic Article A fluorophore attached to nicotinic acetylcholine receptor beta M2 detects productive binding of agonist to the alpha delta site.
Academic Article Perturbation analysis of the voltage-sensitive conformational changes of the Na+/glucose cotransporter.
Academic Article The voltage-sensor structure in a voltage-gated channel.
Academic Article beta-Scorpion toxin modifies gating transitions in all four voltage sensors of the sodium channel.
Academic Article Voltage-gated ion channels.
Academic Article Gating charge displacement in voltage-gated ion channels involves limited transmembrane movement.
Academic Article Optical detection of rate-determining ion-modulated conformational changes of the ether-à-go-go K+ channel voltage sensor.
Academic Article S4-based voltage sensors have three major conformations.
Academic Article The origin of subconductance levels in voltage-gated K+ channels.
Academic Article An emerging consensus on voltage-dependent gating from computational modeling and molecular dynamics simulations.
Academic Article In vivo measurement of intramolecular distances using genetically encoded reporters.
Academic Article Ion channels: from conductance to structure.
Academic Article Intermediate state trapping of a voltage sensor.
Academic Article Ouabain binding site in a functioning Na+/K+ ATPase.
Academic Article Depolarization induces a conformational change in the binding site region of the M2 muscarinic receptor.
Academic Article A structural rearrangement of the Na+/K+-ATPase traps ouabain within the external ion permeation pathway.
Academic Article Molecular bases for the asynchronous activation of sodium and potassium channels required for nerve impulse generation.
Academic Article Functional Site-Directed Fluorometry.
Academic Article ß1-subunit-induced structural rearrangements of the Ca2+- and voltage-activated K+ (BK) channel.
Academic Article A Novel Voltage Sensor in the Orthosteric Binding Site of the M2 Muscarinic Receptor.
Academic Article LRET Determination of Molecular Distances during pH Gating of the Mammalian Inward Rectifier Kir1.1b.
Academic Article Nav channel binder containing a specific conjugation-site based on a low toxicity ß-scorpion toxin.
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