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overview Research in our labs focuses on the genetic architecture of traits and diseases that vary across human populations and on understanding the role of natural selection in shaping this architecture. To this end, we use empirical population genetics and functional genomics approaches coupled with computational analyses of genome-scale data.
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Concept Genetics, Population
Academic Article A population genetics study of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the interleukin 4 receptor alpha (IL4RA) gene.
Academic Article Population genetics of CAPN10 and GPR35: implications for the evolution of type 2 diabetes variants.
Academic Article An evolutionary framework for common diseases: the ancestral-susceptibility model.
Academic Article Population genetic analysis of the uncoupling proteins supports a role for UCP3 in human cold resistance.
Academic Article Adaptations to climate-mediated selective pressures in humans.
Academic Article Colloquium paper: human adaptations to diet, subsistence, and ecoregion are due to subtle shifts in allele frequency.
Academic Article Adaptation - not by sweeps alone.
Academic Article Allele-specific down-regulation of RPTOR expression induced by retinoids contributes to climate adaptations.
Academic Article A reduced representation approach to population genetic analyses and applications to human evolution.
Academic Article A common haplotype of the glucokinase gene alters fasting glucose and birth weight: association in six studies and population-genetics analyses.
Academic Article Reconstructing Native American population history.
Academic Article Population genetics models of common diseases.
Academic Article Using environmental correlations to identify loci underlying local adaptation.
Academic Article Lack of association between common UGT2B nonsynonymous single-nucleotide polymorphisms and breast cancer in populations of African ancestry.
Academic Article Mutational processes of simple-sequence repeat loci in human populations.
Academic Article Adaptations to local environments in modern human populations.
Academic Article The distribution of linkage disequilibrium over anonymous genome regions.
Academic Article Estimating the Ages of Selection Signals from Different Epochs in Human History.
Academic Article The Simons Genome Diversity Project: 300 genomes from 142 diverse populations.
Academic Article Editorial overview: Genetics of human origin: New horizons in human population genetics.
Academic Article A longitudinal cline characterizes the genetic structure of human populations in the Tibetan plateau.
Academic Article The genetic prehistory of the Andean highlands 7000 years BP though European contact.
Grant Evolutionary Genetics of the Metabolic Syndrome
Grant Evolutionary genomics of the vitamin D pathway in humans - Resubmission 01
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