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overview Research in our labs focuses on the genetic architecture of traits and diseases that vary across human populations and on understanding the role of natural selection in shaping this architecture. To this end, we use empirical population genetics and functional genomics approaches coupled with computational analyses of genome-scale data.

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Concept Selection, Genetic
Academic Article Adjusting the focus on human variation.
Academic Article Detection of the signature of natural selection in humans: evidence from the Duffy blood group locus.
Academic Article Complex signatures of natural selection at the Duffy blood group locus.
Academic Article Geographic and haplotype structure of candidate type 2 diabetes susceptibility variants at the calpain-10 locus.
Academic Article Balancing claims for balancing selection.
Academic Article Population genetics of CAPN10 and GPR35: implications for the evolution of type 2 diabetes variants.
Academic Article Haplotype structure and phylogenetic shadowing of a hypervariable region in the CAPN10 gene.
Academic Article Combining sperm typing and linkage disequilibrium analyses reveals differences in selective pressures or recombination rates across human populations.
Academic Article Evolutionary adaptations to dietary changes.
Academic Article Adaptations to new environments in humans: the role of subtle allele frequency shifts.
Academic Article Adaptations to climate-mediated selective pressures in humans.
Academic Article Adaptations to climate in candidate genes for common metabolic disorders.
Academic Article Spatial patterns of variation due to natural selection in humans.
Academic Article Colloquium paper: human adaptations to diet, subsistence, and ecoregion are due to subtle shifts in allele frequency.
Academic Article Adaptation - not by sweeps alone.
Academic Article Sequence diversity at the proximal 14q32.1 SERPIN subcluster: evidence for natural selection favoring the pseudogenization of SERPINA2.
Academic Article A signature of balancing selection in the region upstream to the human UGT2B4 gene and implications for breast cancer risk.
Academic Article Population genetics models of common diseases.
Academic Article Natural selection and functional genetic variation in the p53 pathway.
Academic Article The genetic architecture of adaptations to high altitude in Ethiopia.
Academic Article Adaptations to local environments in modern human populations.
Academic Article Global diversity, population stratification, and selection of human copy-number variation.
Academic Article Estimating the Ages of Selection Signals from Different Epochs in Human History.
Academic Article Detecting past and ongoing natural selection among ethnically Tibetan women at high altitude in Nepal.
Academic Article Inferring the model and onset of natural selection under varying population size from the site frequency spectrum and haplotype structure.

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