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Concept DNA, Viral
Academic Article E. coli SSB activates N4 virion RNA polymerase promoters by stabilizing a DNA hairpin required for promoter recognition.
Academic Article Supercoil-induced extrusion of a regulatory DNA hairpin.
Academic Article Sequence-dependent extrusion of a small DNA hairpin at the N4 virion RNA polymerase promoters.
Academic Article Specific sequences and a hairpin structure in the template strand are required for N4 virion RNA polymerase promoter recognition.
Academic Article Sequence and DNA structural determinants of N4 virion RNA polymerase-promoter recognition.
Academic Article N4 RNA polymerase II sites of transcription initiation.
Academic Article The program of RNA synthesis in N4-infected Escherichia coli.
Academic Article Novel template requirements of N4 virion RNA polymerase.
Academic Article Insight into DNA and protein transport in double-stranded DNA viruses: the structure of bacteriophage N4.
Academic Article Selective shutoff of catabolite-sensitive host syntheses by bacroxyurea pharmaco mutation genes coliphages growth l virus replication escherichia coli growth l lysogeny crosses genetic coliteriophage N4.
Academic Article Host and phage-coded functions required for coliphage N4 DNA replication.
Academic Article X-ray crystal structures elucidate the nucleotidyl transfer reaction of transcript initiation using two nucleotides.
Academic Article Bacteriophage N4-induced transcribing activities in Escherichia coli. II. Association of the N4 transcriptional apparatus with the cytoplasmic membrane.
Academic Article N4 virion RNA polymerase sites of transcription initiation.
Academic Article Physical map of coliphage N4 DNA.
Academic Article Transcriptional map of bacteriophage N4. Location and polarity of N4 RNAs.
Academic Article Bacteriophage N4 virion RNA polymerase interaction with its promoter DNA hairpin.
Academic Article In vitro requirements for N4 RNA polymerase II-specific initiation.
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