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overview Dr. Jooyoung (James) Sohn is an Assistant Professor and Medical Physicist in the Department of Radiation & Cellular Oncology at the University of Chicago. He teaches Interactions of Radiation with Matter (MPHY350), Health Physics (MPHY397), and Practicum in Radiation Therapy (MPHY344) and serves as a committee member of the Graduate Program in Medical Physics (GPMP). Prior to joining the University of Chicago, Dr. Sohn worked as an Assistant Professor at Northwestern University, focusing on MR-guided Radiation Therapy (MRgRT) and brachytherapy. His research interests include brachytherapy and hardware & software developments in various areas of radiation therapy. Additionally, Dr. Sohn oversees Oncosoft, an AI-driven auto-contouring company. If you are interested in collaborating or joining Dr. Sohn's lab, please contact him via email at
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