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keywords Gene regulation, RNA, Single-molecule microscopy, Super-resolution imaging,
overview The main focus of my research is to understand the mechanisms by which RNAs mediate gene expression and regulation in both bacterial and eukaryotic systems. We are currently studying regulatory RNAs and RNA modifications using various single-molecule fluorescence microscopy and super-resolution imaging tools. my group is also interested in the development of new labeling, imaging and data analysis methods.
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Concept RNA, Bacterial
Concept RNA
Concept DNA-Directed RNA Polymerases
Concept RNA Processing, Post-Transcriptional
Concept RNA, Transfer
Concept RNA-Binding Proteins
Concept RNA Cleavage
Concept RNA Helicases
Concept RNA, Small Nucleolar
Concept RNA, Messenger
Concept Ubiquitin-Protein Ligases
Concept RNA, Antisense
Concept RNA, Small Untranslated
Concept ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters
Concept RNA Transport
Concept RNA Stability
Academic Article Quantitative analysis of multilayer organization of proteins and RNA in nuclear speckles at super resolution.
Academic Article Real-time observation of DNA recognition and rejection by the RNA-guided endonuclease Cas9.
Academic Article Natural antisense RNA promotes 3' end processing and maturation of MALAT1 lncRNA.
Academic Article The ribosome uses cooperative conformational changes to maximize and regulate the efficiency of translation.
Academic Article Robust nonparametric quantification of clustering density of molecules in single-molecule localization microscopy.
Academic Article Understanding the photophysics of the spinach-DFHBI RNA aptamer-fluorogen complex to improve live-cell RNA imaging.
Academic Article A highly purified, fluorescently labeled in vitro translation system for single-molecule studies of protein synthesis.
Academic Article Coupling of ribosomal L1 stalk and tRNA dynamics during translation elongation.
Academic Article Specific structural elements of the T-box riboswitch drive the two-step binding of the tRNA ligand.
Academic Article RNA Localization in Bacteria.
Academic Article Mechanisms of improved specificity of engineered Cas9s revealed by single-molecule FRET analysis.
Academic Article Quantitative Super-Resolution Imaging of Small RNAs in Bacterial Cells.
Academic Article A Prophage-Encoded Small RNA Controls Metabolism and Cell Division in Escherichia coli.
Academic Article Tandem Spinach Array for mRNA Imaging in Living Bacterial Cells.
Academic Article RNA biochemistry. Determination of in vivo target search kinetics of regulatory noncoding RNA.
Academic Article RNA fluorescence in situ hybridization in cultured mammalian cells.
Academic Article A frameshifting stimulatory stem loop destabilizes the hybrid state and impedes ribosomal translocation.
Academic Article Allosteric collaboration between elongation factor G and the ribosomal L1 stalk directs tRNA movements during translation.
Academic Article Translation factors direct intrinsic ribosome dynamics during translation termination and ribosome recycling.
Academic Article Effects of DNA replication on mRNA noise.
Academic Article EttA regulates translation by binding the ribosomal E site and restricting ribosome-tRNA dynamics.
Academic Article Transfer RNA-mediated regulation of ribosome dynamics during protein synthesis.
Academic Article A microfluidic approach for investigating the temperature dependence of biomolecular activity with single-molecule resolution.
Academic Article Deoxyribozyme-based method for absolute quantification of N6-methyladenosine fractions at specific sites of RNA.
Academic Article Effects of individual base-pairs on in vivo target search and destruction kinetics of bacterial small RNA.
Academic Article Dynamic interactions between the RNA chaperone Hfq, small regulatory RNAs, and mRNAs in live bacterial cells.
Academic Article Kinetic modeling reveals additional regulation at co-transcriptional level by post-transcriptional sRNA regulators.
Academic Article Binding of the RNA Chaperone Hfq on Target mRNAs Promotes the Small RNA RyhB-Induced Degradation in Escherichia coli.
Concept RNA Recognition Motif Proteins
Concept RNA, Long Noncoding
Grant Quantitative imaging of epitranscriptomic regulation mediated by RNA modification
Academic Article Profiling of RNA-binding protein binding sites by in situ reverse transcription-based sequencing.
Academic Article KARR-seq reveals cellular higher-order RNA structures and RNA-RNA interactions.
Academic Article Dynamics of RNA localization to nuclear speckles are connected to splicing efficiency.
Grant Connecting the sequence logic of RNA splicing to nuclear localization
Academic Article RNA molecules display distinctive organization at nuclear speckles.
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