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Academic Article Immune complex disease in immunosuppressed rat recipients of hamster liver xenografts.
Academic Article Donor species complement after liver xenotransplantation. The mechanism of protection from hyperacute rejection.
Academic Article Xenotransplantation of hamster liver into Gunn rats reserves congenital hyperbilirubinemia.
Academic Article Evidence of microchimerism after pretransplant blood transfusion and FK 506 in liver xenograft.
Academic Article Prevention of sensitization and hyperacute rejection in liver and heart xenografts by FK 506 plus donor antigens.
Academic Article Xenogeneic humoral graft-Vs-host disease following hamster-to-Rat bone marrow transplantation.
Academic Article Concordant hamster-to-rat liver xenotransplantation leads to hyperlipidemia.
Academic Article Complement and target cells belong to the same species after liver xenografting: protection from hyperacute rejection.
Academic Article Donor-specific transfusion in the nude rat prolongs survival of subsequently transplanted hamster cardiac xenografts.
Academic Article Prospects of clinical xenotransplantation.
Academic Article Pretreatment of recipients (nude rat) with donor antigens leads to prolonged survival of hamster heart xenografts.
Academic Article Tacrolimus pretreatment attenuates preexisting xenospecific immunity and abrogates hyperacute rejection in a presensitized hamster to rat liver transplant model.
Academic Article Immunological quantitation and localization of ACAT-1 and ACAT-2 in human liver and small intestine.
Academic Article Administration of CTLA4-Ig enhances the incidence of hamster-to-rat xenogeneic bone marrow engraftment and alters the presentation of graft-vs-host disease.
Academic Article Serum protein immunogenicity: implications for liver xenografting.
Academic Article Differential survival of hamster-to-rat liver and cardiac xenografts under FK 506 immunosuppression.
Academic Article The antigenicity of serum proteins and their role in xenograft rejection.
Academic Article Dendritic cell replacement in long-surviving liver and cardiac xenografts.
Academic Article Hamster-to-rat bone marrow xenotransplantation and humoral graft vs. host disease.
Academic Article Long-term survival of heart and liver xenografts with splenectomy and FK 506.
Academic Article Early recipient-donor switch of the complement type after liver xenotransplantation.
Academic Article Combined blockade of CD28/B7 and CD40/CD40L costimulatory pathways prevents the onset of chronic rejection.
Academic Article Pretransplant xenogeneic blood transfusion combined with FK 506 prolongs hamster-to-rat liver xenograft survival.
Academic Article Mechanisms of protection from humoral rejection by a xenografted liver.
Academic Article Successful hamster-to-rat liver xenotransplantation under FK506 immunosuppression induces unresponsiveness to hamster heart and skin.
Academic Article Humoral and cellular immunopathology of hepatic and cardiac hamster-into-rat xenograft rejection. Marked stimulation of IgM++bright/IgD+dull splenic B cells.
Academic Article Il-12 antagonism enhances apoptotic death of T cells within hepatic allografts from Flt3 ligand-treated donors and promotes graft acceptance.
Academic Article The protection from humoral rejection given by a liver xenograft is species-specific and non-MHC restricted.
Academic Article Metabolic changes in the recipient after successful liver xenotransplantation in the rat.
Academic Article Cytidine potentiates the inhibitory effect of brequinar sodium on xeno-MLR, antibody production, and concordant hamster to rat cardiac xenograft survival.
Academic Article Hamster coagulation and serum proteins in rat recipients of hamster xenografts.
Academic Article Cytidine potentiates the inhibitory effect of brequinar sodium on concordant cardiac xenograft rejection.
Academic Article A new xenogeneic radiation chimera (hamster-to-rat).
Academic Article The effect of splenectomy on cardiac and liver xenografts in the nude rat.
Academic Article Prevention of T-cell activation by rhCTLA4-Ig and anti-CD40L monoclonal antibody results in indefinite islet allograft survival.
Academic Article Hamster-to-rat liver xenografts protect extrahepatic organs from rejection.
Academic Article Cytokine messenger RNA profiles in hamster-to-rat liver xenografts.
Academic Article Effect of tacrolimus and splenectomy on engraftment and GVHD after bone marrow xenotransplantation in the reciprocal hamster to rat animal models.
Academic Article Correction of congenital hyperbilirubinemia in homozygous Gunn rats by xenotransplantation of hamster livers.
Academic Article Functional cooperation of xenoproteins after hamster-to-rat liver transplantation: With particular reference to hamster C3 and secretory component for rat IgA.
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