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Concept Cytotoxicity, Immunologic
Academic Article Ex vivo priming of naïve T cells into EBV-specific Th1/Tc1 effector cells by mature autologous DC loaded with apoptotic/necrotic LCL.
Academic Article Induction of tumor immunity and cytotoxic t lymphocyte responses using dendritic cells transduced by adenoviral vectors encoding HBsAg: comparison to protein immunization.
Academic Article Xenogeneic humoral graft-Vs-host disease following hamster-to-Rat bone marrow transplantation.
Academic Article Apoptosis of graft-infiltrating cytotoxic T cells: a mechanism underlying "split tolerance" in mouse liver transplantation.
Academic Article Donor-specific transfusion in the nude rat prolongs survival of subsequently transplanted hamster cardiac xenografts.
Academic Article Induction of donor-specific transplantation tolerance to skin and cardiac allografts using mixed chimerism in (A + B-->A) in rats.
Academic Article Mechanisms of protection from humoral rejection by a xenografted liver.
Academic Article Apoptosis within spontaneously accepted mouse liver allografts: evidence for deletion of cytotoxic T cells and implications for tolerance induction.
Academic Article Presensitization by skin grafting from major histocompatibility complex class I or major histocompatibility complex class II deficient mice identifies class I antigens as inducers of allosensitization.
Academic Article Il-12 antagonism enhances apoptotic death of T cells within hepatic allografts from Flt3 ligand-treated donors and promotes graft acceptance.
Academic Article Blockade of the CD40-CD40 ligand pathway potentiates the capacity of donor-derived dendritic cell progenitors to induce long-term cardiac allograft survival.
Academic Article Split tolerance induced by orthotopic liver transplantation in mice.
Academic Article Recipient pretreatment with mammalian IL-10 prolongs mouse cardiac allograft survival by inhibition of anti-donor T cell responses.
Academic Article Contrasting effects of myeloid dendritic cells transduced with an adenoviral vector encoding interleukin-10 on organ allograft and tumour rejection.
Academic Article Marked mitigation of transplant vascular sclerosis in FasLgld (CD95L) mutant recipients. The role of alloantibodies in the development of chronic rejection.
Academic Article Functional differentiation of human cytotoxic T lymphocytes in the presence of FK 506 and CyA.
Academic Article The lymphocytotoxic crossmatch in liver transplantation: a clinicopathologic analysis.
Academic Article Prevention and restoration of second-set liver allograft rejection in presensitized mice: the role of "passenger" leukocytes, donor major histocompatibility complex antigens, and host cytotoxic effector mechanisms.
Academic Article Local Inhibition of Complement Improves Mesenchymal Stem Cell Viability and Function After Administration.
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