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Concept HLA Antigens
Academic Article HLA and cross-reactive antigen group matching for cadaver kidney allocation.
Academic Article Combined liver-kidney transplants: allosensitization and recipient outcomes.
Academic Article Analysis of T lymphocytes infiltrating human hepatic allografts.
Academic Article Cadaveric small bowel and small bowel-liver transplantation in humans.
Academic Article Ex vivo priming of naïve T cells into EBV-specific Th1/Tc1 effector cells by mature autologous DC loaded with apoptotic/necrotic LCL.
Academic Article Explanation for loss of the HLA matching effect.
Academic Article Combined liver-kidney transplantation and the effect of preformed lymphocytotoxic antibodies.
Academic Article High-Resolution HLA Typing for Sensitized Patients: Advances in Medicine and Science Require Us to Challenge Existing Paradigms.
Academic Article Histocompatibility and liver transplant outcome. Does HLA exert a dualistic effect?
Academic Article Sequential infiltration of class I and class II specific alloreactive T cells in human cardiac allografts.
Academic Article Should HLA mismatch acceptability for sensitized transplant candidates be determined at the high-resolution rather than the antigen level?
Academic Article Four-color flow cytometric analysis of peripheral blood donor cell chimerism.
Academic Article Immunological factors influencing liver graft survival.
Academic Article HLA histocompatibility and liver transplant survival.
Academic Article HLA antigen expression on cultured human arterial endothelial cells.
Academic Article Recognition of major histocompatibility complex antigens on cultured human biliary epithelial cells by alloreactive lymphocytes.
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