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Concept Toxoplasmosis, Animal
Concept Toxoplasmosis
Concept Toxoplasmosis, Congenital
Academic Article Toxoplasma gondii HLA-B*0702-restricted GRA7(20-28) peptide with adjuvants and a universal helper T cell epitope elicits CD8(+) T cells producing interferon-? and reduces parasite burden in HLA-B*0702 mice.
Academic Article Molecular target validation, antimicrobial delivery, and potential treatment of Toxoplasma gondii infections.
Academic Article Modification of triclosan scaffold in search of improved inhibitors for enoyl-acyl carrier protein (ACP) reductase in Toxoplasma gondii.
Academic Article Effectiveness of a novel immunogenic nanoparticle platform for Toxoplasma peptide vaccine in HLA transgenic mice.
Academic Article ?d Intraepithelial Lymphocyte Migration Limits Transepithelial Pathogen Invasion and Systemic Disease in Mice.
Academic Article New paradigms for understanding and step changes in treating active and chronic, persistent apicomplexan infections.
Academic Article Understanding Toxoplasmosis in the United States Through "Large Data" Analyses.
Academic Article Adjuvanted multi-epitope vaccines protect HLA-A*11:01 transgenic mice against Toxoplasma gondii.
Academic Article Point-of-care testing for Toxoplasma gondii IgG/IgM using Toxoplasma ICT IgG-IgM test with sera from the United States and implications for developing countries.
Academic Article Global initiative for congenital toxoplasmosis: an observational and international comparative clinical analysis.
Academic Article Rapid, inexpensive, fingerstick, whole-blood, sensitive, specific, point-of-care test for anti-Toxoplasma antibodies.
Academic Article Potent Tetrahydroquinolone Eliminates Apicomplexan Parasites.
Academic Article Engineering and characterization of a novel Self Assembling Protein for Toxoplasma peptide vaccine in HLA-A*11:01, HLA-A*02:01 and HLA-B*07:02 transgenic mice.
Academic Article High performance of a novel point-of-care blood test for Toxoplasma infection in women from diverse regions of Morocco.
Academic Article Building Programs to Eradicate Toxoplasmosis Part IV: Understanding and Development of Public Health Strategies and Advances "Take a Village".
Academic Article Building Programs to Eradicate Toxoplasmosis Part I: Introduction and Overview.
Academic Article Building Programs to Eradicate Toxoplasmosis Part II: Education.
Academic Article Building Programs to Eradicate Toxoplasmosis Part III: Epidemiology and Risk Factors.
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