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Concept Microbubbles
Academic Article Thrombolytic efficacy and enzymatic activity of rt-PA-loaded echogenic liposomes.
Academic Article Relationship between cavitation and loss of echogenicity from ultrasound contrast agents.
Academic Article Efficacy of histotripsy combined with rt-PA in vitro.
Academic Article Sonothrombolysis.
Academic Article Predicting the growth of nanoscale nuclei by histotripsy pulses.
Academic Article Quantitative Frequency-Domain Passive Cavitation Imaging.
Academic Article In vitro thrombolytic efficacy of echogenic liposomes loaded with tissue plasminogen activator and octafluoropropane gas.
Academic Article Post Hoc Analysis of Passive Cavitation Imaging for Classification of Histotripsy-Induced Liquefaction in Vitro.
Academic Article The influence of medium elasticity on the prediction of histotripsy-induced bubble expansion and erythrocyte viability.
Academic Article For Whom the Bubble Grows: Physical Principles of Bubble Nucleation and Dynamics in Histotripsy Ultrasound Therapy.
Academic Article Assessment of histotripsy-induced liquefaction with diagnostic ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging in vitro and ex vivo.
Academic Article Observation and modulation of the dissolution of histotripsy-induced bubble clouds with high-frame rate plane wave imaging.
Academic Article In vitro assessment of stiffness-dependent histotripsy bubble cloud activity in gel phantoms and blood clots.
Academic Article Estimating the mechanical energy of histotripsy bubble clouds with high frame rate imaging.
Academic Article Assessment of bubble activity generated by histotripsy combined with echogenic liposomes.
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