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Concept Automobile Driving
Concept Automobiles
Academic Article Rapid assessment of road safety policy change: relaxation of the national speed enforcement law in Russia leads to large increases in the prevalence of speeding.
Academic Article The prevalence of speeding and drunk driving in two cities in China: a mid project evaluation of ongoing road safety interventions.
Academic Article Estimating the incidence of road traffic fatalities and injuries in Sri Lanka using multiple data sources.
Academic Article A risk-based method for modeling traffic fatalities.
Academic Article Seatbelt wearing rates in middle income countries: a cross-country analysis.
Academic Article Official government statistics of road traffic deaths in India under-represent pedestrians and motorised two wheeler riders.
Academic Article Automated speed enforcement systems to reduce traffic-related injuries: closing the policy implementation gap.
Academic Article National burden of road traffic injuries in Argentina.
Academic Article Child and adult pedestrian impact: the influence of vehicle type on injury severity.
Academic Article An Approach Towards Reducing Road Traffic Injuries and Improving Public Health Through Big Data Telematics: A Randomised Controlled Trial Protocol.
Academic Article Estimating city-level travel patterns using street imagery: A case study of using Google Street View in Britain.
Academic Article How much would low- and middle-income countries benefit from addressing the key risk factors of road traffic injuries?
Academic Article The effect of non-punitive peer comparison and performance feedback on drivers' behavior using the telematics: The first randomized trial in Iran.
Academic Article The effectiveness of fixed speed cameras on Iranian taxi drivers: An evaluation of the influential factors.
Academic Article Estimated potential death and disability averted with vehicle safety interventions, Association of Southeast Asian Nations.
Academic Article The effect of Real-Time feedback and incentives on speeding behaviors using Telematics: A randomized controlled trial.
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