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Lazaridis, ChristosPerson Why?
Dobyns, WilliamPerson Why?
Mansour, AliPerson Why?
Decety, JeanPerson Why?
Warnke, Peter ChristianPerson Why?
Siegler, JamesPerson Why?
Voss, JoelPerson Why?
Avoiding brain hypoxia in severe traumatic brain injury in settings with limited resources - A pathophysiological guide.Academic Article Why?
Prabhakaran, ShyamPerson Why?
Awad, IssamPerson Why?
Brain Oxygen Optimization in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Phase-II: A Phase II Randomized Trial.Academic Article Why?
Chitin-like polysaccharides in Alzheimer's disease brains.Academic Article Why?
Predicting Intracranial Pressure and Brain Tissue Oxygen Crises in Patients With Severe Traumatic Brain Injury.Academic Article Why?
Drobyshevsky, AlexanderPerson Why?
Association between elevated brain tissue glycerol levels and poor outcome following severe traumatic brain injury.Academic Article Why?
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