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Exposure to nicotine and sensitization of nicotine-induced behaviors.Academic Article Why?
Exposure to nicotine enhances its subsequent self-administration: contribution of nicotine-associated contextual stimuli.Academic Article Why?
Nicotine elicits methamphetamine-seeking in rats previously administered nicotine.Academic Article Why?
Nicotine-induced upregulation of nicotinic receptors: underlying mechanisms and relevance to nicotine addiction.Academic Article Why?
Previous exposure to nicotine enhances the incentive motivational effects of amphetamine via nicotine-associated contextual stimuli.Academic Article Why?
McGehee, DanielPerson Why?
Nicotine drives neutrophil extracellular traps formation and accelerates collagen-induced arthritis.Academic Article Why?
Second Generation Electronic Nicotine Delivery System Vape Pen Exposure Generalizes as a Smoking Cue.Academic Article Why?
The Role of Nicotine Dependence in E-Cigarettes' Potential for Smoking Reduction.Academic Article Why?
WIN-55,212-2 and SR-141716A alter nicotine-induced changes in locomotor activity, but do not alter nicotine-evoked [3H]dopamine release.Academic Article Why?
Laboratory experiments using nicotine.Academic Article Why?
Nicotine increases sleep spindle activity.Academic Article Why?
Acute effects of nicotine on serum glucose insulin growth hormone and cortisol in healthy smokers.Academic Article Why?
C. elegans and mutants with chronic nicotine exposure as a novel model of cancer phenotype.Academic Article Why?
Cellular and synaptic mechanisms of nicotine addiction.Academic Article Why?
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