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Prognostic implications of low level cardiac troponin elevation using high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T.Academic Article Why?
Cardiac Troponin Composition Characterization after Non ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Relation with Culprit Artery, Ischemic Time Window, and Severity of Injury.Academic Article Why?
Cardiac troponin I is present in plasma of type 1 myocardial infarction patients and patients with troponin I elevations due to other etiologies as complex with little free I.Academic Article Why?
Elevated cardiac troponin before surgery: perhaps not so benign.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of imprecision for cardiac troponin assays at low-range concentrations.Academic Article Why?
Release of cardiac troponin using a high sensitivity assay after exercise: Type 2 acute myocardial infarction?Academic Article Why?
Competitive binding of the troponin T-specific pool of caldesmon antibodies and tropomyosin to skeletal troponin T and smooth muscle caldesmon.Academic Article Why?
High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin T Improves the Diagnosis of Perioperative MI.Academic Article Why?
A novel myogenic regulatory circuit controls slow/cardiac troponin C gene transcription in skeletal muscle.Academic Article Why?
A new ultra-high sensitivity troponin I assay for chest pain patients with no evidence of troponin I using a conventional assay.Academic Article Why?
Association between postoperative troponin levels and 30-day mortality among patients undergoing noncardiac surgery.Academic Article Why?
Cardiac troponin-I accurately predicts myocardial injury in renal failure.Academic Article Why?
Dexamethasone reduces postoperative troponin levels in children undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass.Academic Article Why?
False increase of cardiac troponin I with heterophilic antibodies.Academic Article Why?
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