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Expanding epidemiology and biostatistics curricula in undergraduate medical education to promote evidence-based practice.Academic Article Why?
Arora, VineetPerson Why?
AAIM Recommendations for Undergraduate Medical Education to Graduate Medical Education Transition Curricula in Internal Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Beyond Compliance: Growth as the Guiding Value in Undergraduate Medical Education.Academic Article Why?
Education, Medical, UndergraduateConcept Why?
Farnan, Jeanne M.Person Why?
Non-technical skills assessments in undergraduate medical education: A focused BEME systematic review: BEME Guide No. 54.Academic Article Why?
Woodruff, JamesPerson Why?
Pincavage, AmberPerson Why?
Wolfson, Rachel K.Person Why?
Kostas, TiaPerson Why?
Straus, Christopher MPerson Why?
Golden, Daniel W.Person Why?
Sherer, RenslowPerson Why?
Fromme, H. BarrettPerson Why?
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