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Randomized comparison of outcome after propofol-nitrous oxide or enflurane-nitrous oxide anaesthesia in operations of long duration.Academic Article Why?
Randomized comparison of recovery after propofol-nitrous oxide versus thiopentone-isoflurane-nitrous oxide anaesthesia in patients undergoing ambulatory surgery.Academic Article Why?
Influence of nitrous oxide anesthesia, B-vitamins, and MTHFR gene polymorphisms on perioperative cardiac events: the vitamins in nitrous oxide (VINO) randomized trial.Academic Article Why?
Preoperative dental anxiety and mood changes during nitrous oxide inhalation.Academic Article Why?
A phase 2 trial of inhaled nitrous oxide for treatment-resistant major depression.Academic Article Why?
Nitrous oxide and the terminology of 'abuse' and 'use'.Academic Article Why?
Nitrous oxide anesthesia and plasma homocysteine in adolescents.Academic Article Why?
The effect of nitrous oxide anesthesia on early postoperative opioid consumption and pain.Academic Article Why?
A near miss: a nitrous oxide-carbon dioxide mix-up despite current safety standards.Academic Article Why?
Bitonic dose-response functions for reinforcing and self-reported effects of nitrous oxide in humans.Academic Article Why?
Choice of nitrous oxide and its subjective effects in light and moderate drinkers.Academic Article Why?
Differential acute tolerance development to effects of nitrous oxide in humans.Academic Article Why?
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