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Long, ManyuanPerson Why?
Matute, DanielPerson Why?
Rebay, IlariaPerson Why?
Reinitz, JohnPerson Why?
Fehon, Richard G.Person Why?
Horne-Badovinac, SallyPerson Why?
Kreitman, MartinPerson Why?
Multilocus analysis of introgression between two sympatric sister species of Drosophila: Drosophila yakuba and D. santomea.Academic Article Why?
Nucleotide variation in the triosephosphate isomerase (Tpi) locus of Drosophila melanogaster and Drosophila simulans.Academic Article Why?
Du, WeiPerson Why?
Coyne, JerryPerson Why?
[Studies of stability mechanisms of early embryonal development of fruit fly Drosophila].Academic Article Why?
Temperature-Dependent Competitive Outcomes between the Fruit Flies Drosophila santomea and Drosophila yakuba.Academic Article Why?
Mahowald, AnthonyPerson Why?
Genetics of a difference in pigmentation between Drosophila yakuba and Drosophila santomea.Academic Article Why?
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