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Colon interposition for benign esophageal disease.Academic Article Why?
Innovative and Contemporary Interventional Therapies for Esophageal Diseases.Academic Article Why?
Esophageal DiseasesConcept Why?
Ferguson, Mark K.Person Why?
An annotated algorithmic approach to upper gastrointestinal bleeding.Academic Article Why?
Barrett's esophagus.Academic Article Why?
Barrett's ulcer.Academic Article Why?
Black esophagus.Academic Article Why?
Comment on "Esophageal dilatation and interstitial lung disease in systemic sclerosis: A cross-sectional study".Academic Article Why?
Comparison of idiopathic achalasia and Chagas' disease esophagopathy at the light of high-resolution manometry.Academic Article Why?
Crohn's disease of the esophagus.Academic Article Why?
Crohn's esophagitis: a unique cause of esophageal polyposis.Academic Article Why?
Development of the Northwestern Esophageal Quality of Life Scale: A Hybrid Measure for Use Across Esophageal Conditions.Academic Article Why?
Esophageal adenosquamous carcinoma in a cat.Academic Article Why?
Esophageal distensibility measurement: impact on clinical management and procedure length.Academic Article Why?
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