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Attachment of anti-GFP antibodies to microspheres for optical trapping experiments.Academic Article Why?
Optical traps to study properties of molecular motors.Academic Article Why?
The optical trapping dumbbell assay for nonprocessive motors or motors that turn around filaments.Academic Article Why?
Optical TweezersConcept Why?
Controlled particle collision leads to direct observation of docking and fusion of lipid droplets in an optical trap.Academic Article Why?
Rock, Ronald S.Person Why?
Quantification of topological coupling between DNA superhelicity and G-quadruplex formation.Academic Article Why?
Single-molecule measurements of the binding between small molecules and DNA aptamers.Academic Article Why?
Yoctoliter thermometry for single-molecule investigations: a generic bead-on-a-tip temperature-control module.Academic Article Why?
Click chemistry assisted single-molecule fingerprinting reveals a 3D biomolecular folding funnel.Academic Article Why?
Detection of single nucleotide polymorphism using tension-dependent stochastic behavior of a single-molecule template.Academic Article Why?
Mechanistic basis of otolith formation during teleost inner ear development.Academic Article Why?
Modular aspects of kinesin force generation machinery.Academic Article Why?
Pulse propagation by a capacitive mechanism drives embryonic blood flow.Academic Article Why?
Single-molecule mechanochemical sensing using DNA origami nanostructures.Academic Article Why?
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