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Tang, Wei-JenPerson Why?
Mapping of key functions of the herpes simplex virus 1 U(S)3 protein kinase: the U(S)3 protein can form functional heteromultimeric structures derived from overlapping truncated polypeptides.Academic Article Why?
Midwest Center for Membrane Protein Structural DynamicsGrant Why?
Zhao, YingmingPerson Why?
Roizman, BernardPerson Why?
Glycolipid Presentation by CD1dGrant Why?
Arac-Ozkan, DemetPerson Why?
Experimental evolution of ligand-receptor relationshipsGrant Why?
Regulation of RKIP FunctionGrant Why?
Perozo, EduardoPerson Why?
Chaperone Assisted CrystallographyGrant Why?
The functions of the US3 protein kinase of herpes simplex virusGrant Why?
Pan, TaoPerson Why?
Structural basis of Mg2+ homeostasisGrant Why?
Structural and Functional Studies of Brain Angiogenesis Inhibitors (BAIs/ADGRBs)Grant Why?
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