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Sprouts of RNA epigenetics: the discovery of mammalian RNA demethylases.Academic Article Why?
He, ChuanPerson Why?
Grand challenge commentary: RNA epigenetics?Academic Article Why?
RNA epigenetics--chemical messages for posttranscriptional gene regulation.Academic Article Why?
RNA epigenetics.Academic Article Why?
RNA Epigenetics: Fine-Tuning Chromatin Plasticity and Transcriptional Regulation, and the Implications in Human Diseases.Academic Article Why?
Cheng, Jason X.Person Why?
Discovering the epigenetics of RNA modificationsGrant Why?
piRNAs initiate an epigenetic memory of nonself RNA in the C. elegans germline.Academic Article Why?
Reconsidering plant memory: Intersections between stress recovery, RNA turnover, and epigenetics.Academic Article Why?
Pan, TaoPerson Why?
RNA modifications: what have we learned and where are we headed?Academic Article Why?
Lee, Heng-ChiPerson Why?
Ruthenburg, Alexander J.Person Why?
Gilad, YoavPerson Why?
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