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overview I am a clinical and translational physician scientist with interests in alcohol and nicotine genomic discovery science, pharmacogenomics, precision medicine, tobacco cessation, implementation science, community-engaged research, and health equity. I am the NorthShore Site Leader for the Institute for Translational Medicine, Program Director for Translational Science for the Outcomes Research Network, and I am Vice Chair for Research for the Department of Family Medicine.
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Concept Pharmacogenetics
Academic Article The Value of Biosamples in Smoking Cessation Trials: A Review of Genetic, Metabolomic, and Epigenetic Findings.
Academic Article From genes to treatments: a systematic review of the pharmacogenetics in smoking cessation.
Academic Article Commentary on Chen et?al. (2014): another step on the road to clinical utility of pharmacogenetics for smoking cessation?
Academic Article Biomarkers for smoking cessation.
Academic Article Pharmacogenetic smoking cessation intervention in a health care setting: a pilot feasibility study.
Academic Article Dopamine D4 receptor gene variation moderates the efficacy of bupropion for smoking cessation.
Academic Article Genetic variation in the serotonin pathway and smoking cessation with nicotine replacement therapy: new data from the Patch in Practice trial and pooled analyses.
Academic Article Are family physicians willing to use pharmacogenetics for smoking cessation therapy?
Academic Article Pharmacogenetics of smoking cessation in general practice: results from the patch II and patch in practice trials.
Academic Article Genome-wide association for smoking cessation success: participants in the Patch in Practice trial of nicotine replacement.
Academic Article Genetic variation in the dopamine D4 receptor (DRD4) gene and smoking cessation: follow-up of a randomised clinical trial of transdermal nicotine patch.
Academic Article No association between functional catechol O-methyl transferase 1947A>G polymorphism and smoking initiation, persistent smoking or smoking cessation.
Academic Article Pharmacogenetics.
Academic Article Clinical interpretation and implications of whole-genome sequencing.
Academic Article Genetic variation in the dopamine pathway and smoking cessation.
Grant Primary Care Genetics Cancer Prevention Conference
Academic Article Effects of Social Determinants and Pharmacogenetic Medication Interactions on 90-Day Hospital Readmissions.
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