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Concept Neuroblastoma
Academic Article Are molecular neuroblastoma classifiers ready for prime time?
Academic Article Progress in defining and treating high-risk neuroblastoma: lessons from the bench and bedside.
Academic Article Comparison of primary neuroblastoma tumors and derivative early-passage cell lines using genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphism array analysis.
Academic Article Locoregional MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma.
Academic Article Metastatic neuroblastoma confined to distant lymph nodes (stage 4N) predicts outcome in patients with stage 4 disease: A study from the International Neuroblastoma Risk Group Database.
Academic Article Mutations that disrupt PHOXB interaction with the neuronal calcium sensor HPCAL1 impede cellular differentiation in neuroblastoma.
Academic Article Second malignancies in patients with neuroblastoma: the effects of risk-based therapy.
Academic Article N-linked glycan profiling in neuroblastoma cell lines.
Academic Article Advances in Risk Classification and Treatment Strategies for Neuroblastoma.
Academic Article Assessment of Primary Site Response in Children With High-Risk Neuroblastoma: An International Multicenter Study.
Academic Article A Phase I New Approaches to Neuroblastoma Therapy Study of Buthionine Sulfoximine and Melphalan With Autologous Stem Cells for Recurrent/Refractory High-Risk Neuroblastoma.
Academic Article Prognostic significance of pattern and burden of metastatic disease in patients with stage 4 neuroblastoma: A study from the International Neuroblastoma Risk Group database.
Academic Article Neuroblastoma survivors are at increased risk for second malignancies: A report from the International Neuroblastoma Risk Group Project.
Academic Article Data Commons to Support Pediatric Cancer Research.
Academic Article Evaluation of Genetic Predisposition for MYCN-Amplified Neuroblastoma.
Academic Article Computer-assisted Curie scoring for metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) scans in patients with neuroblastoma.
Academic Article Age, Diagnostic Category, Tumor Grade, and Mitosis-Karyorrhexis Index Are Independently Prognostic in Neuroblastoma: An INRG Project.
Academic Article Tailoring Therapy for Children With Neuroblastoma on the Basis of Risk Group Classification: Past, Present, and Future.
Academic Article Association Between Participation in Clinical Trials and Overall Survival Among Children With Intermediate- or High-risk Neuroblastoma.
Academic Article Immunogenomic determinants of tumor microenvironment correlate with superior survival in high-risk neuroblastoma.
Academic Article Predicting Response to Chemotherapy in Patients With Newly Diagnosed High-Risk Neuroblastoma: A Report From the International Neuroblastoma Risk Group.
Academic Article Persistence of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Risk and Survival for Patients with Neuroblastoma over Two Decades.
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