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Concept Antigen-Presenting Cells
Concept Receptors, Antigen, B-Cell
Concept T-Cell Antigen Receptor Specificity
Concept Antigen Presentation
Concept Leukocyte L1 Antigen Complex
Concept CTLA-4 Antigen
Concept HLA-DR4 Antigen
Academic Article Polymer micelles with pyridyl disulfide-coupled antigen travel through lymphatics and show enhanced cellular responses following immunization.
Academic Article Matrix-binding checkpoint immunotherapies enhance antitumor efficacy and reduce adverse events.
Academic Article Dendritic cell activation and T cell priming with adjuvant- and antigen-loaded oxidation-sensitive polymersomes.
Academic Article Molecular properties of fibrin-based matrices for promotion of angiogenesis in vitro.
Academic Article Lymphatic drainage function and its immunological implications: from dendritic cell homing to vaccine design.
Academic Article Antigen delivery to dendritic cells by poly(propylene sulfide) nanoparticles with disulfide conjugated peptides: Cross-presentation and T cell activation.
Academic Article Tunable T cell immunity towards a protein antigen using polymersomes vs. solid-core nanoparticles.
Academic Article Primary Human and Rat ß-Cells Release the Intracellular Autoantigens GAD65, IA-2, and Proinsulin in Exosomes Together With Cytokine-Induced Enhancers of Immunity.
Academic Article PPS nanoparticles as versatile delivery system to induce systemic and broad mucosal immunity after intranasal administration.
Academic Article Engineering antigen-specific immunological tolerance.
Academic Article Nanoparticle conjugation of antigen enhances cytotoxic T-cell responses in pulmonary vaccination.
Academic Article Fibronectin EDA and CpG synergize to enhance antigen-specific Th1 and cytotoxic responses.
Academic Article Materials engineering for immunomodulation.
Academic Article Enhancing efficacy of anticancer vaccines by targeted delivery to tumor-draining lymph nodes.
Academic Article Synthetically glycosylated antigens induce antigen-specific tolerance and prevent the onset of diabetes.
Academic Article An optimized antigen-protein fusion.
Academic Article Suppression of Rheumatoid Arthritis by Enhanced Lymph Node Trafficking of Engineered Interleukin-10 in Murine Models.
Academic Article A Cationic Micelle Complex Improves CD8+ T Cell Responses in Vaccination Against Unmodified Protein Antigen.
Academic Article Persistent antigen exposure via the eryptotic pathway drives terminal T cell dysfunction.
Academic Article Soluble N-Acetylgalactosamine-Modified Antigens Enhance Hepatocyte-Dependent Antigen Cross-Presentation and Result in Antigen-Specific CD8+ T Cell Tolerance Development.
Academic Article Lymph Node-Targeted Synthetically Glycosylated Antigen Leads to Antigen-Specific Immunological Tolerance.
Academic Article Synthetically mannosylated antigens induce antigen-specific humoral tolerance and reduce anti-drug antibody responses to immunogenic biologics.
Academic Article Synthetically glycosylated antigens for the antigen-specific suppression of established immune responses.
Academic Article Synthetically mannosylated antigens induce antigen-specific humoral tolerance and reduce anti-drug antibody responses to immunogenic biologics.
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