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Concept Lymphocyte Activation
Academic Article T cell costimulation through the CD28 receptor.
Academic Article CD28/B7 interactions deliver a unique signal to naive T cells that regulates cell survival but not early proliferation.
Academic Article The complexities of T-cell co-stimulation: CD28 and beyond.
Academic Article TCR signaling induces selective exclusion of CD43 from the T cell-antigen-presenting cell contact site.
Academic Article RIBP, a novel Rlk/Txk- and itk-binding adaptor protein that regulates T cell activation.
Academic Article CD4+ T cell and eosinophil adhesion is mediated by specific ICAM-3 ligation and results in eosinophil activation.
Academic Article ICOS costimulation: It's not just for TH2 cells anymore.
Academic Article Inducible costimulator regulates Th2-mediated inflammation, but not Th2 differentiation, in a model of allergic airway disease.
Academic Article The distal pole complex: a novel membrane domain distal to the immunological synapse.
Academic Article CD43 regulation of T cell activation is not through steric inhibition of T cell-APC interactions but through an intracellular mechanism.
Academic Article CD4-, CD8- gamma/delta cells from normal mice respond to a syngeneic B cell lymphoma and can induce its differentiation.
Academic Article The gamma chain of the high-affinity receptor for IgE is a major functional subunit of the T-cell antigen receptor complex in gamma delta T lymphocytes.
Academic Article Differential up-regulation of the B7-1 and B7-2 costimulatory molecules after Ig receptor engagement by antigen.
Academic Article CD43 is a murine T cell costimulatory receptor that functions independently of CD28.
Academic Article TCR-gamma delta cells in CD3 zeta-deficient mice contain Fc epsilon RI gamma in the receptor complex but are specifically unresponsive to antigen.
Academic Article CD28 costimulation promotes the production of Th2 cytokines.
Academic Article Inducible costimulator controls migration of T cells to the lungs via down-regulation of CCR7 and CD62L.
Academic Article Absence of B7-dependent responses in CD28-deficient mice.
Academic Article CD28-mediated costimulation is necessary for the activation of T cell receptor-gamma delta+ T lymphocytes.
Academic Article Signaling through FcR?-associated receptors on dendritic cells drives IL-33-dependent TH2-type responses.
Academic Article Intrinsic functional defects of type 2 innate lymphoid cells impair innate allergic inflammation in promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger (PLZF)-deficient mice.
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