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Academic Article A low-affinity Ca2+-dependent association of calmodulin with the Rab3A effector domain inversely correlates with insulin exocytosis.
Academic Article Effect of human lymphoblastoid interferon on insulin synthesis and secretion in isolated human pancreatic islets.
Academic Article Intraorganellar calcium and pH control proinsulin cleavage in the pancreatic beta cell via two distinct site-specific endopeptidases.
Academic Article A Kex2-related endopeptidase activity present in rat liver specifically processes the insulin proreceptor.
Academic Article An 18-kDa translocator protein (TSPO) polymorphism explains differences in binding affinity of the PET radioligand PBR28.
Academic Article Muonium--the second radioisotope of hydrogen: a remarkable and unique radiotracer in the chemical, materials, biological and environmental sciences.
Academic Article "Spin-labelling" with the second hydrogen radioisotope: radicals formed from squalene by muonium addition.
Academic Article Novel catalysts for water splitting and green chemistry applications.
Academic Article Energy from nuclear fusion--realities, prospects and fantasies?
Academic Article Genetically modified algae produce hydrogen biofuel at five times their normal yield.
Academic Article Unsuitability of indoxyl acetate as a substrate for the assay of testicular hyaluronidase.
Academic Article Hydrolysis of indoxyl acetate by bovine testicular hyaluronidase preparations.
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