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Aetiology and management of male erectile dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction in patients with cardiovascular disease.Academic Article Why?
Female Sexual Dysfunction After Pelvic Fracture: A Comprehensive Review of the Literature.Academic Article Why?
Alternative therapies for male and female sexual dysfunction.Academic Article Why?
Female sexual dysfunction: focus on low desire.Academic Article Why?
Male and female sexual dysfunction (SD) after radical pelvic urological surgery.Academic Article Why?
A manifesto on the preservation of sexual function in women and girls with cancer.Academic Article Why?
Lindau, StacyPerson Why?
Letter to the editor: corrections and comment to review of female sexual concerns in gynecologic cancer.Academic Article Why?
Fertility and sexuality issues in congenital lifelong urology patients: female aspects.Academic Article Why?
Grant, Jon E.Person Why?
Archer, StephenPerson Why?
Are we missing an opportunity to teach future physicians about female pelvic floor disorders?Academic Article Why?
Yuan, Chun-SuPerson Why?
Raheem, OmerPerson Why?
An International Urogynecological Association (IUGA)/International Continence Society (ICS) joint report on the terminology for female pelvic floor dysfunction.Academic Article Why?
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