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James L. LaBelle

TitleAssociate Professor
InstitutionUniversity of Chicago
DepartmentPediatrics-Hematology and Oncology
AddressChicago IL 60637
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    The major goal of the laboratory is to dissect and pharmacologically target intracellular proteins to induce cancer cell death and manipulate the immune response. We are currently applying new research tools and prototype therapeutics that we, and others, have developed to target the BCL-2 family of proteins and other cell signaling proteins in immune cells.

    A large part of our lab focuses on using portions of the actual proteins, or peptides, as drugs and biological tools to uncover specific molecular pathways in diseased and normal cells. Peptide-based therapeutics have enormous potential for immune modulation and direct cancer treatment but have traditionally lacked efficient stabilization and delivery within patients, and thereby, have had limited clinical applications. To are working to overcome these barriers within the lab and through collaboration with nanotechnologists and chemical engineers.

    Overall, we are committed to translation of our findings to pediatric and adult patients with cancer and immune system disease. While performing research at the University of Chicago, we are in close proximity to scientists, clinicians, and patients and are deeply committed to working collaboratively with these groups to make significant inroads in treating those suffering from refractory disease.

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    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/BCH, Boston, MAPostdoctoral fellowship, Walensky Lab06/2012Cancer Chemical Biology
    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/BCH, Boston, MAClinical Fellow06/2009Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
    Boston Children's Hospital (BCH), Boston, MAIntern/Resident06/2006Pediatrics
    Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WIMD/PhD06/2003Medicine/Immunology
    Lawrence University, Appleton, WIBA06/1994Biology
    Collapse awards and honors
    1992Engstrom Scholars Award
    1994Botanical Society of America Merit Award
    1994Phi Sigma Award in Biology
    2001First Place, Research Trainee Award
    2004Proctor and Gamble Teaching and Tomorrow Award
    2006Senior Resident Teaching Award
    2007Lauri Strauss Leukemia Foundation Research Award
    2010Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Special Fellow Award
    2011AACR-Aflac Scholar-in-Training Award
    2012Cancer Research Foundation Young Investigator's Award
    2013James B. Nachman Fellow
    2014United-4a Cure Research Award
    2014Hyundai Hope on Wheels Scholar Award
    2015Comer Children's Hospital Development Board Award
    2016Hoogland Lymphoma Pilot Project Award
    2016AbbVie-UChicago Collaboration in Oncology Award
    2018Hyundai Hope on Wheels Scholar Award

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    9. Ludwig LM, Maxcy KL, LaBelle JL. Flow Cytometry-Based Detection and Analysis of BCL-2 Family Proteins and Mitochondrial Outer Membrane Permeabilization (MOMP). Methods Mol Biol. 2019; 1877:77-91. PMID: 30535999.
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